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Have you heard of Uncle Wiggly Wings? That is how children in Germany fondly remembered Lieutenant Gail S. Halvorsen of the U.S. Air Force. During the Berlin airlift in 1948-49, Halvorsen met thirty children at the fence of Tempelhof and were moved by their gratitude for the supplies he brought them. They asked how they would know which plane is his when they saw them in the sky, to which he said he would wiggle his wings and they could wave up at him.
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Have you ever wondered why someone thought of designing chocolate in the form of coins? Legend has it that the tradition of handing these out to children on Christmas Day is a way to remember Saint Nicholas, the bishop of Myra, in modern day Turkey. Also known as the real Santa Claus, he was said to have given away purses full of coins to the poor children of Myra, by dropping them down their chimney. Candy coins continue to grace children’s stockings till date on Christmas mornings. What happens when you outgrow the myth of Santa? These delicious goodies could take on a new meaning then. Given that recent research proves that optimum intake of dark chocolate has many health benefits for adults, candy coins could well be a sweet reminder of the adage, health is wealth.
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Did you know that the Jewish festival of lights, Hanukkah, is celebrated with chocolate coins covered in shiny foil wrappers? It just so happens that chocolates are a great holiday accompaniment. In fact, chocolate has been labeled America’s favorite flavor, over 52% of the people have rated it as number one. Also, 59% think that chocolates make the best gift (including return gifts). These are the statistics reflected in the survey conducted by the National Confectioners Association and Chocolate Manufacturers Association in 2014. So go ahead and incorporate personalized chocolate shapes in your Fourth of July party as well. You can use chocolate coins, hearts, stars or even molded chocolate that comes in 3D shapes.
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Did you know that “chocolate money” or coins made of delicious chocolate, wrapped in golden foil, along with real coins, is handed out to Jewish children during the annual festival of Hanukkah? Today, chocolate gold coins are popular choices for a range of celebrations. They can be great party favors and can even be considered as giveaways at school charity functions and even at corporate trade shows. You will need perfectly designed, delectable favors to make the desired impact though. And when it comes to taste, Belgian chocolate is the best. Here are a few reasons why no other chocolate can get you the same results.
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If you had any doubts about the universal appeal of chocolate, here is some trivia for you. Did you know that Queen Victoria, in 1900, sent the British troops stationed in South Africa New Year’s greetings in the form of specially molded chocolate bars? If this could raise the spirits of soldiers fighting the Boer War, imagine what it can do for your branding efforts! Today, you don’t need to be the Queen of England to order specially molded chocolate, you can simple personalize custom chocolate squares and use them as giveaways as various corporate events or as holiday greetings to special stakeholders and associates.
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The exchange of gifts has always been a form of expressing one’s feelings of affection or respect towards another. Gifts represent the emotions, without the need for words, and should “mirror the occasion”, according to The Psychology of Gift Exchange, a research conducted by students at the University of Hertfordshire in 2010. Therefore, the favors that we choose to give away at the end of an important occasion needs to be selected carefully. cloud hosting info secure web hosting . If you are looking for a gift that would be perfect for a large group of people, giving away personalized chocolate wrapper bars could be a great choice, as it suits different tastes and occasions.
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Did you know that the number of students graduating from college in the US has spiked from the trend witness over the last couple of decades. This is evident from the federal data revealed by the National Center for Education Statistics, which indicates that in 2012, 33.5% of American students in their late 20s had a bachelor’s degree, up significantly from 24.7% in 1995. While more young adults are opting to attend college, completing a degree program requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. No wonder then that Graduation Day is a celebration of great achievement for every teenager.
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A wedding requires more planning than most events. A great deal of emotions and efforts is invested to make the event perfect. From venue to food caterers and from the wedding cake to invitations, there are a host of things to remember. One thing that you should not forget is to express your gratitude to the guests. After all, your friends and family may have traveled from near and far to be part of your special day. A small token of your appreciation can say a big “thank you”. What better way to express this than by chocolate?
Why chocolate? Well, it’s a universal favorite and is associated with love and celebrations. Moreover, chocolate also has a plethora of health benefits. Once you have chosen this, there are exciting options available to make the favor as memorable as the wedding!

Chocolate Favor Ideas for Your Wedding

Before determining the shape and artwork for the favor, the first thing to ensure is the taste. Never compromise on this. You could opt for high quality Belgian chocolate to delight your guests. The next thing to consider is the particular taste you want – dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate. Now you are ready to make a decision on the shape and here are some exciting ideas:

1.    Chocolate hearts: You could opt for heart shaped chocolates wrapped in red foil. Foil of different colors, like red, silver, gold, purple, pink, green and royal blue, can be selected to give the gifts a more joyous and vibrant appearance. find a domain Else you can opt for candy-coated mini chocolate hearts in single or multiple colors.

2.    Chocolate message bars: You could have a message along with a design like wedding bells on a bar of chocolate. The wrapper could also have the same design and mention the names of the couple and the date of the wedding.

3.    Chocolate truffle box: For the closest friends or the most cherished relatives, you could reserve a chocolate truffle box. You could opt for an assortment of unique flavors like Irish cream, champagne or dark raspberry.
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4.    Photo in chocolate: Get a photo of the couple printed in edible ink on milk, dark or white chocolate pieces in attractive shapes.Have it wrapped in a colorful organza or satin bag, with matching ribbons.        Picture 3

Poker is to cards and games what jazz is to music. It’s this great American thing, born and bred here. We dig it because everybody can play.”- Steve Lipscomb
There was a time when poker was considered just a recreational game. However, the game gained ultimate popularity after the World Series of Poker was started. It is held every year and is aired on ESPN. Nowadays, people have started indulging in the game more than ever before. Such is the popularity of the game that almost everyone has some friends who are a Poker fan. If your friend happens to be a poker lover, there is so much you can gift him.

Personalized Gifts
A hardcore poker fan surely has some chips to play with. Present him some more. But this time, not the plastic ones; he does not need them. Gift the ones he can even savor the taste of. Yes, personalized chocolate poker chips are sure to grab attention. A poker lover will definitely have a soft corner for Las Vegas. Get him transported to this magical destination with some fabulous chocolate casino chips.

What to Take Care of When Choosing
Here are a few things to keep in mind when making a choice:

  1. Quality of chocolate: This is the most important aspect. The chips may look awesome, but if the chocolate is low quality, it will leave a bad taste in the mouth… quite literally! You could opt for pure Belgian chocolate.
  2. Size: The ideal size of the chips made of chocolate is 1.5 inches in diameter.
  3. Sides: You could have a dollar denomination on one side of the chip and a personalized message on the other side. The dollar denomination may range from $5 to $100 or you could opt for a box with different denominations. You may also opt for personalization on both sides.
  4. Packaging: You may choose to have the personalized chocolate casino chips nicely stacked in an elegant box. If you are ordering only a few coins, you could have them wrapped in a satin or organza bag that is tied with a colored ribbon.
  5. Quantity: This would depend on your budget. Typically, the more you order, the lower would be the money spent per coin.

Such an attractive gift is likely to be as popular as poker among your friends. Your gift is sure to be remembered fondly over years to come.

If you’re planning a wedding, it’s quite natural to lose your nerves. This is especially the case if it’s a large wedding. Before you decide on the wedding favors, it’s important to have made a comprehensive guest list. Check the list multiple times, since you wouldn’t want to kill yourself later for forgetting someone. It would also help to add a column which indicates the probability of the invitee actually attending the wedding. When you decide and place an order for the favors, it’s always a good idea to get a few pieces extra. It’s better to be left behind with some gifts, rather than feeling embarrassed if you run out of them.

Top Creative Wedding Favors

  • Favors Based on Utility: If you have a more practical approach to life, you could choose something that your guests would definitely use. In case you have a high budget for each guest, you can select personalized glass jars or trendy sippers. is site down . To add to the feeling of celebration, you could opt for shot glasses or wine bottle stoppers.
  • Favors Based on Emotions: Chocolate is a universal favorite, while also representing love, celebration and happiness. And when it’s good quality Belgian chocolate, your guests are surely going to love this treat. Chocolate coins in a mesh bag could be the perfect souvenir for the wedding. You could choose a copper penny or a silver quarter. The tag sealing the mesh bag may be customized with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. Alternatively, you can select chocolate hearts in red foil paper. You can opt for these to be packed in beautiful organza bags with ribbons. Personalized Wedding Favors
  • Favors Based on Reliving the Wedding: You could gift CDs with wedding songs and speeches made by the relatives. Although this is a good idea, it requires a great deal of planning. You will need to begin by placing an order for blank CDs. The CD covers can be personalized with details of the wedding. Create a list of all the songs that you intend on playing at the wedding. It could also include other popular songs of love and romance. Get your relatives to prepare and record the speeches they would be making on the D-Day. Your guests can relive moments of the wedding for several years.      Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors

If you’ve invited a large number of people, you could consider two separate personalized wedding favors – one that would be given to close friends and relatives, which could have a higher budget. For instance, while you gift other guests chocolate hearts, you could gift the close ones a chocolate shaped like a champagne bottle. The label on the bottle may be personalized.