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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Worldwide spending on advertising touched $509 billion in 2013,according to statistics from Plunkett Research, Ltd., a market research company. Spending money on advertising is not an option but a necessity for modern businesses. register a domain . If you are a business owner, you have a number of ways to advertise your brand. Corporate gifts such as message bars made out of chocolates could be quite effective in promoting your brand among your existing and prospective clients. One good idea would be to hand out logo-inscribed chocolate bars in a conference or business meeting. For best results, you should keep in mind the following things.

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Things to Keep in Mind when Gifting Chocolate Bars

Take a look at the things you need to keep in mind when gifting message bars made of chocolate to your corporate guests.

Quality of the Chocolate: If you are planning to hand out customized chocolate bars with a message, be sure to check the aroma, taste and texture of the chocolate. One good idea would to opt for Belgian chocolates. They are hand-made and are stored properly to retain the natural aroma of the high quality cocoa that it is made with. When you choose Belgian chocolate, you can be rest assured of the quality.

Taste and Flavor of the Chocolate: You should also check the taste and flavor of the chocolates. You can opt for a combination of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. It not only helps to bring in variety in the taste, but also helps to create a high-contrast look. You can get the message written in the inner part, while the outer part made out of dark chocolate could add contrast and make this corporate gift look more attractive.

Size of the Chocolate: Chocolate message bars come in a variety of sizes. Ideally, you should choose the size depending on your logo and the message you want to communicate. Make sure that the bar is neither too large nor too small.Also, the artwork of the logo, including the message or the tagline has to be such that it does not seem flimsy.

Artwork for the Logo: The artwork for the logo should be clearly visible. If it has an intricate design, make sure that the chocolate bar is large enough to display the design.When you make an order, be sure to send the right artwork for perfect results.

Packaging of the Chocolate: You can get the chocolate bars packed in customized wrapping papers. You can also opt for delicate and yet attractive boxes or small gifting bags. Be sure to check out all packaging options from our website. Remember that creative packaging can add a personal touch to your gift.

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Overall, your corporate gifts should be presentable and show that you have put in a lot of thoughts and efforts to impress the recipient. If the chocolates are scrumptious, your guests would surely remember your gift and your brand.