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Monthly Archives: September 2014

For corporations, one effective way to increase brand awareness is by attending trade shows and fairs. However, just attending events may not help. You need to attract and engage your potential customers at your exhibition stand. This requires careful planning. From getting the stand placed in a prime location to gifting attractive giveaways like logo chocolate bars, every simple thing can play a major role in making your exhibition stand a success.
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5 Tips to Increase Footfalls at Your Exhibition Stand

Firstly, you need to make sure that you participate in events where you will get the right visitors. The next step is to choose a prime location, so that your potential customers can easily spot your exhibition stand. Once the spot is finalized, you can take the following steps to get an edge over your competitors.

  1. Get the Design Right: Make sure that you make optimum utilization of the space. Although it is a good idea to stick to formal colors, you can consider using a hue of bright colors to enhance the visual appeal. For instance, you can try formal colors like grey and blue with a hue of brick red. When choosing a design, make sure that your logo is visible from all directions. Make comfortable seating arrangements, so that you can discuss with the interested visitors comfortably.
  2. Use Audio/Visual Aids: One good idea would be to make a corporate video, showcasing the best practices and customer reviews. Make it run in a continuous loop on an LCD screen, facing the visitors. Use attractive standees with a crisp tagline or advertising caption. Also display your brochures in a striking magazine stand.
  3. Arrange Seminars or Workshops: Do some research on your target audience and on the recent technological developments in your field. Choose a topic that will spark interest in your potential customers, and arrange effective workshops on that topic.
  4. Interesting Gifts: A unique gift can make a lasting impression on the visitors. However, choosing the right gift is very important. The gift should be able to convey the right message and market your brand. For instance, you can get logo chocolate bars customized with a small message. High quality Belgian chocolates wrapped up in premium quality gift paper with the colorful logo of your company embossed over it would be another good choice. A thoughtful gift will exhibit your fine taste and your eye for quality.

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It is also important to include the right staff in your team. All members of you team should be energetic, knowledgeable and friendly. Also, do not forget to take note of the contact details of your prospective clients, so that you can follow up with them afterwards.