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Monthly Archives: October 2014

If you’re planning a wedding, it’s quite natural to lose your nerves. This is especially the case if it’s a large wedding. Before you decide on the wedding favors, it’s important to have made a comprehensive guest list. Check the list multiple times, since you wouldn’t want to kill yourself later for forgetting someone. It would also help to add a column which indicates the probability of the invitee actually attending the wedding. When you decide and place an order for the favors, it’s always a good idea to get a few pieces extra. It’s better to be left behind with some gifts, rather than feeling embarrassed if you run out of them.

Top Creative Wedding Favors

  • Favors Based on Utility: If you have a more practical approach to life, you could choose something that your guests would definitely use. In case you have a high budget for each guest, you can select personalized glass jars or trendy sippers. is site down . To add to the feeling of celebration, you could opt for shot glasses or wine bottle stoppers.
  • Favors Based on Emotions: Chocolate is a universal favorite, while also representing love, celebration and happiness. And when it’s good quality Belgian chocolate, your guests are surely going to love this treat. Chocolate coins in a mesh bag could be the perfect souvenir for the wedding. You could choose a copper penny or a silver quarter. The tag sealing the mesh bag may be customized with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. Alternatively, you can select chocolate hearts in red foil paper. You can opt for these to be packed in beautiful organza bags with ribbons. Personalized Wedding Favors
  • Favors Based on Reliving the Wedding: You could gift CDs with wedding songs and speeches made by the relatives. Although this is a good idea, it requires a great deal of planning. You will need to begin by placing an order for blank CDs. The CD covers can be personalized with details of the wedding. Create a list of all the songs that you intend on playing at the wedding. It could also include other popular songs of love and romance. Get your relatives to prepare and record the speeches they would be making on the D-Day. Your guests can relive moments of the wedding for several years.      Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors

If you’ve invited a large number of people, you could consider two separate personalized wedding favors – one that would be given to close friends and relatives, which could have a higher budget. For instance, while you gift other guests chocolate hearts, you could gift the close ones a chocolate shaped like a champagne bottle. The label on the bottle may be personalized.