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Celebrate Graduation Day with Personalized Chocolate Medallions


Did you know that the number of students graduating from college in the US has spiked from the trend witness over the last couple of decades. This is evident from the federal data revealed by the National Center for Education Statistics, which indicates that in 2012, 33.5% of American students in their late 20s had a bachelor’s degree, up significantly from 24.7% in 1995. While more young adults are opting to attend college, completing a degree program requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. No wonder then that Graduation Day is a celebration of great achievement for every teenager.

While college is a lot of hard work, we also have very fond memories of this time in our lives. Graduation Day also is a defining event in the lives of every young adult. language translator . To make this event more memorable, a gift that symbolizes accomplishment would be a great idea. One such gift is a personalized chocolate medallion for every student.

Why a Chocolate Medallion?

Chocolate is an instant hit with students, since it is a great treat that is enjoyed by most. And when the tasty chocolate is shaped like a medallion, it symbolizes an award for the achievements made by the students. Even parents are excited to see their children being awarded a chocolate medallion, along with their graduation certificates. The medallion can have custom ribbons in the colors depicting the college. Students feel a great deal of pride in wearing this tasty medal around their necks. Such out-of-the-box gifts to students will add to the good memories of Graduation Day. Apart from this, it serves as a practical giveaway, since it can be given to every student alike without any discrimination.


The Personalization Factor

Many people fail to recognize the impact that personalization can have on a gift being given. In fact, this is a vital part of any gift. It conveys a strong message that you genuinely care to invest time in doing something good for the recipient. It also conveys a firm belief in the values taught by the college. The personalized aspect is symbolic of what the university represents in the minds of the graduating students. top tourist destinations You can have a message or the logo of the university embossed directly on the chocolate medallions.

A personalized chocolate gift can help promote goodwill about the college, when the students talk about this event even after they have graduated. This can serve the institute well in the long term. Add to the excitement of Graduation Day celebrations by giving this exciting gift.

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