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Chocolate Favors for Weddings

A wedding requires more planning than most events. A great deal of emotions and efforts is invested to make the event perfect. From venue to food caterers and from the wedding cake to invitations, there are a host of things to remember. One thing that you should not forget is to express your gratitude to the guests. After all, your friends and family may have traveled from near and far to be part of your special day. A small token of your appreciation can say a big “thank you”. What better way to express this than by chocolate?
Why chocolate? Well, it’s a universal favorite and is associated with love and celebrations. Moreover, chocolate also has a plethora of health benefits. Once you have chosen this, there are exciting options available to make the favor as memorable as the wedding!

Chocolate Favor Ideas for Your Wedding

Before determining the shape and artwork for the favor, the first thing to ensure is the taste. Never compromise on this. You could opt for high quality Belgian chocolate to delight your guests. The next thing to consider is the particular taste you want – dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate. Now you are ready to make a decision on the shape and here are some exciting ideas:

1.    Chocolate hearts: You could opt for heart shaped chocolates wrapped in red foil. Foil of different colors, like red, silver, gold, purple, pink, green and royal blue, can be selected to give the gifts a more joyous and vibrant appearance. find a domain Else you can opt for candy-coated mini chocolate hearts in single or multiple colors.

2.    Chocolate message bars: You could have a message along with a design like wedding bells on a bar of chocolate. The wrapper could also have the same design and mention the names of the couple and the date of the wedding.

3.    Chocolate truffle box: For the closest friends or the most cherished relatives, you could reserve a chocolate truffle box. You could opt for an assortment of unique flavors like Irish cream, champagne or dark raspberry.
Picture 2
4.    Photo in chocolate: Get a photo of the couple printed in edible ink on milk, dark or white chocolate pieces in attractive shapes.Have it wrapped in a colorful organza or satin bag, with matching ribbons.        Picture 3

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