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Why Choose Belgian Chocolate for Chocolate Gold Coins?


Did you know that “chocolate money” or coins made of delicious chocolate, wrapped in golden foil, along with real coins, is handed out to Jewish children during the annual festival of Hanukkah? Today, chocolate gold coins are popular choices for a range of celebrations. They can be great party favors and can even be considered as giveaways at school charity functions and even at corporate trade shows. You will need perfectly designed, delectable favors to make the desired impact though. And when it comes to taste, Belgian chocolate is the best. Here are a few reasons why no other chocolate can get you the same results.

Why is Belgium Chocolate Special?


The unique taste comes from the equally unique method of chocolate preparation. The manner in which the couverteur is stored before use is different. During the course of preparing the mix, the cocoa beans are first powdered and subsequently mixed with sugar and butter. This mix is smoothened into a silky texture by applying heat. This process is called tempering.

Most companies that do not use Belgian chocolate get their couverteurs in solid form. They need to reheat this mix, which alters its texture. Heating also results in flavor loss. On the contrary, the mix received by most chocolatiers from Belgium is not cooled. organisms in domain bacteria The texture remains intact and is more aromatic than other variants. This adds magic to the taste.

The use of traditional techniques when preparing the chocolate and the use of high quality ingredients is perhaps also responsible for the heavenly taste. Even today, there are small shops that make chocolate by hand and sell them to factories!

Although slightly more expensive, a Belgian chocolate favor is more than worth its value. Once you have savored the taste, there is no way in which ordinary chocolate or candy bars would match up.

Customize your Belgian Favors to Making Them Even More Special


The delicious chocolate gold coins or any other favor that you choose can be customized to perfection. Usually, a designated number of coins will be packed in a box or pouch. You can have a special message on the chocolates, get your logo printed on them or even have a small picture printed on them, symbolizing the event.

You can also choose special packaging for your assortment of chocolate coins. Having these glittering pieces peep through gorgeous organza bags tied with customized satin ribbons could be a great idea. Choose vibrant or muted colors to suit the occasion.

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