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Giving Chocolates Makes You Lovable and Personalized Chocolate Wrapper Bars Are Exciting

Have you heard of Uncle Wiggly Wings? That is how children in Germany fondly remembered Lieutenant Gail S. Halvorsen of the U.S. Air Force. During the Berlin airlift in 1948-49, Halvorsen met thirty children at the fence of Tempelhof and were moved by their gratitude for the supplies he brought them. They asked how they would know which plane is his when they saw them in the sky, to which he said he would wiggle his wings and they could wave up at him.

When the kids found Mr. Wiggly Wings in the air, there was a wonderful surprise for them – little handkerchief parachutes attached to Kaugummi (chewing gum) and Schokoladen (chocolates)! That is also why he is known as the chocolate bomber or the Resinenbomber in Germany. Halvorsen is now 95 years old and is still met by those children from Berlin, who are now in their 60s and 70s and consider him their personal hero.

Why do Chocolates Make Us Happy?

Personalized chocolate wrapper bars have been used by Public Relations firms since the late twentieth century. Now they are ubiquitous, from children student council campaigns to Presidential campaigns. Whether they are consciously utilized or are a gesture of kindness, chocolates always seem to work to making people happy. If you’d like to make someone very happy, you can choose from a large variety of custom chocolates.

Polyphenols: Research at an Australian university shows that a group of antioxidants which are also found in tea, walnuts, olive oil, fruits and vegetables are also present cocoa. These polyphenols are said to have the same reaction on us that common anxiety medicines would – they make us feel more calm and content.

Anandamide: This is a type of fat also found in cocoa which is named after the Sanskrit word for bliss. This fat activates a receptor which facilitates dopamine production. This is responsible for the sense of well-being and mild intoxication that is experienced after eating dark chocolates. It is said to be akin to the feeling of being in love.

Endorphins: Eating chocolates also releases endorphins in the brains that are known to decrease levels of stress and pain, thereby creating a sense of calm. Personalized chocolate wrapper bars subtly creates a positive association between the resultant sense of well-being with the subject of its wrapper, thereby acting as an effective promotional tool.

Therefore, personalized chocolate wrapper bars could better advertise your cause, not by making your arguments more compelling, but by making your audience more receptive to you. Choose from a variety of cost effective and effective ways to crea

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