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For corporations, one effective way to increase brand awareness is by attending trade shows and fairs. However, just attending events may not help. You need to attract and engage your potential customers at your exhibition stand. This requires careful planning. From getting the stand placed in a prime location to gifting attractive giveaways like logo chocolate bars, every simple thing can play a major role in making your exhibition stand a success.
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5 Tips to Increase Footfalls at Your Exhibition Stand

Firstly, you need to make sure that you participate in events where you will get the right visitors. The next step is to choose a prime location, so that your potential customers can easily spot your exhibition stand. Once the spot is finalized, you can take the following steps to get an edge over your competitors.

  1. Get the Design Right: Make sure that you make optimum utilization of the space. Although it is a good idea to stick to formal colors, you can consider using a hue of bright colors to enhance the visual appeal. For instance, you can try formal colors like grey and blue with a hue of brick red. When choosing a design, make sure that your logo is visible from all directions. Make comfortable seating arrangements, so that you can discuss with the interested visitors comfortably.
  2. Use Audio/Visual Aids: One good idea would be to make a corporate video, showcasing the best practices and customer reviews. Make it run in a continuous loop on an LCD screen, facing the visitors. Use attractive standees with a crisp tagline or advertising caption. Also display your brochures in a striking magazine stand.
  3. Arrange Seminars or Workshops: Do some research on your target audience and on the recent technological developments in your field. Choose a topic that will spark interest in your potential customers, and arrange effective workshops on that topic.
  4. Interesting Gifts: A unique gift can make a lasting impression on the visitors. However, choosing the right gift is very important. The gift should be able to convey the right message and market your brand. For instance, you can get logo chocolate bars customized with a small message. High quality Belgian chocolates wrapped up in premium quality gift paper with the colorful logo of your company embossed over it would be another good choice. A thoughtful gift will exhibit your fine taste and your eye for quality.

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It is also important to include the right staff in your team. All members of you team should be energetic, knowledgeable and friendly. Also, do not forget to take note of the contact details of your prospective clients, so that you can follow up with them afterwards.

Worldwide spending on advertising touched $509 billion in 2013,according to statistics from Plunkett Research, Ltd., a market research company. Spending money on advertising is not an option but a necessity for modern businesses. register a domain . If you are a business owner, you have a number of ways to advertise your brand. Corporate gifts such as message bars made out of chocolates could be quite effective in promoting your brand among your existing and prospective clients. One good idea would be to hand out logo-inscribed chocolate bars in a conference or business meeting. For best results, you should keep in mind the following things.

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Things to Keep in Mind when Gifting Chocolate Bars

Take a look at the things you need to keep in mind when gifting message bars made of chocolate to your corporate guests.

Quality of the Chocolate: If you are planning to hand out customized chocolate bars with a message, be sure to check the aroma, taste and texture of the chocolate. One good idea would to opt for Belgian chocolates. They are hand-made and are stored properly to retain the natural aroma of the high quality cocoa that it is made with. When you choose Belgian chocolate, you can be rest assured of the quality.

Taste and Flavor of the Chocolate: You should also check the taste and flavor of the chocolates. You can opt for a combination of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. It not only helps to bring in variety in the taste, but also helps to create a high-contrast look. You can get the message written in the inner part, while the outer part made out of dark chocolate could add contrast and make this corporate gift look more attractive.

Size of the Chocolate: Chocolate message bars come in a variety of sizes. Ideally, you should choose the size depending on your logo and the message you want to communicate. Make sure that the bar is neither too large nor too small.Also, the artwork of the logo, including the message or the tagline has to be such that it does not seem flimsy.

Artwork for the Logo: The artwork for the logo should be clearly visible. If it has an intricate design, make sure that the chocolate bar is large enough to display the design.When you make an order, be sure to send the right artwork for perfect results.

Packaging of the Chocolate: You can get the chocolate bars packed in customized wrapping papers. You can also opt for delicate and yet attractive boxes or small gifting bags. Be sure to check out all packaging options from our website. Remember that creative packaging can add a personal touch to your gift.

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Overall, your corporate gifts should be presentable and show that you have put in a lot of thoughts and efforts to impress the recipient. If the chocolates are scrumptious, your guests would surely remember your gift and your brand.

Did you know that the term “Rounders” in poker refers to people who earn their living by playing this card game? In fact, a movie named “Rounders” was made in Hollywood in 1998. The movie starring Matt Damon was a hit at the box office. Considering that poker is a very popular card game, it is quite usual for you to have some friends,who are a die-hard fan of the game. If you are planning to send gifts to a poker lover, you should opt for chocolate gifts. There are a wide variety of poker and casino themed chocolates that are sure to impress any poker lover. Read on to know about the top options.
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Tim Burton’s movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory featured a chocolate waterfall that “mixed the chocolate, churned it up, and made it light and frothy.” Even today, there is no such chocolate factory that uses that method when making the scrumptious sweet delights. However, the Old World methods of chocolate-making still exist. Belgian chocolates are made by hand using the Old World methods. They are known for their purity. They melt in your mouth and give you a unique velvet-like feeling. There are reasons why Belgian chocolates are so flavorsome. Let’s first take a look at the history of these chocolates.
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Did you know that chocolate can help improve your mental math skills? Flavanols, a compound found in chocolates, helps to improve one’s ability to solve mentally challenging tasks, according the results of a study presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in 2009. Flavanols is a constituent of the chemical group called polyphenols, which are said to help increase blood flow into the brain. However, this is not the only reason why you should take a piece of chocolate ever day.
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Bright and indulgent favors handed out at the end of a corporate event or sent across to a longstanding customer are always welcome. They are designed for pampering with subtle tones of indulgence. When planned impeccably, favors succeed in delighting customers and guests. Therefore, entrepreneurs who succeed in utilizing these favors as publicity vehicles are indeed smart! Favors are readily accepted and are likely to be cherished in more ways than one! What better way to make your brand known to those who matter?
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Gift chocolates to someone special and it conveys a lot to them. That is the beauty of gifting chocolates. It can say “I’m Sorry” or “Congratulations” or even “I Love You”, without you having to say anything. In fact, if you gift fine quality Belgian chocolates, it can convey the message “You Are So Special”. No wonder then that chocolates have traditionally been a favorite for gifting. But why risk the chance that the receiver does not understand what you wish to convey when you gift the chocolates. Now it’s possible to not only say so much more with your gifts, but also spell out the message clearly. You can have a message printed on the chocolate wrapper. Yes, you can have a unique design for the chocolate wrapper. Wish to convey a message? Do not leave it to the imagination of the receiver about what you want to say.
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Organizing a party is all about having fun and sharing your love and laughter with everyone around. With your creativity, you can spread magic in your theme parties. To ensure the success of your party, it is advisable to plan it with foresight. Don’t hesitate to send the invitations a week in advance so as to ensure that all your guests can confirm their presence at your party. It is also advisable to avoid long weekends for parties as people might just not be available to attend it. Book the food and venue in advance to avoid any last minute surprises.
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Did you know that the original “Happy Birthday To You” song was written by Mildred Hill and Patty hill by kindergarten children and the original song was “Good Morning To You”. While this song is one of the most popular songs in the World, the occasion of a birthday party for your child requires you to organize a full-fledged every year and return gift ideas may be quite the concern. But when you have delectable chocolates in your mind you can sure do wondrous things for your children’s friends.
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A renowned English comedian Jo Brand says, “Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.” You will totally agree with Brand if you consider the variety of options that is available when indulging in molded chocolates or even gifting them. There are certain shapes of molded chocolates that actually work wonders with loved ones, and you can even get creative with the occasion too.

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