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If you had any doubts about the universal appeal of chocolate, here is some trivia for you. Did you know that Queen Victoria, in 1900, sent the British troops stationed in South Africa New Year’s greetings in the form of specially molded chocolate bars? If this could raise the spirits of soldiers fighting the Boer War, imagine what it can do for your branding efforts! Today, you don’t need to be the Queen of England to order specially molded chocolate, you can simple personalize custom chocolate squares and use them as giveaways as various corporate events or as holiday greetings to special stakeholders and associates.


The Science of Chocolate

A fun, scientific fact is that in an average of ten years, typical adults manage to consume their own body weight in chocolate. So why do people like chocolate so much? According to a recent study, if a person allows chocolate to melt and dissolve slowly in his/her mouth, it results in an increase in brain activity and heart rate, which equals a passionate kiss. And the effects tend to last 4 times longer than an average kiss! This is essentially due to a handful of substances among the several hundred different chemicals already present in the cocoa bean.

The powerful stimulants in chocolate includephenyl ethylamine; small amounts of caffeine, theobromine, and a natural feel good chemical called anandamide. Similar chemicals are also present in marijuana, such as anandamide THC (tetra hydro cannabinol). Scientists have observed several similar effects of both chocolate and marijuana on the brain but claim that the “chocolate high” persists in our brain longer the high offered by marijuana. Maybe this is why custom chocolate squares could make the recipient feel really good about your business!

Customizing the Chocolate


To help remind customers of your business, you can customize the delicious dark brown treat with your company’s name, logo or even the image of your product. You can even include a message or your contact details, which will have a bigger impact than the average business cards. Moreover, you can get the same customizations on the wrapper itself, along with additional prints and colors. The sweet treats can be ordered in square organza bags with ribbons for a sophisticated touch. You can get custom chocolate squares for a conference, trade show, exhibition and more, and offer your guests something cherished to take home. This will also help them remember your brand name and product. So, opt for something delicious and eye catching in the form of these custom chocolate squares to increase your brand value.

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