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Sweeten Your Fourth of July Menu with Chocolate Shapes


Did you know that the Jewish festival of lights, Hanukkah, is celebrated with chocolate coins covered in shiny foil wrappers? It just so happens that chocolates are a great holiday accompaniment. In fact, chocolate has been labeled America’s favorite flavor, over 52% of the people have rated it as number one. Also, 59% think that chocolates make the best gift (including return gifts). These are the statistics reflected in the survey conducted by the National Confectioners Association and Chocolate Manufacturers Association in 2014. So go ahead and incorporate personalized chocolate shapes in your Fourth of July party as well. You can use chocolate coins, hearts, stars or even molded chocolate that comes in 3D shapes.

Fourth of July is Delicious


The holiday is all about the earthy and fresh flavors of summer. A simple out-door get-together with bright decorations and delicious food it what this party is all about. Without a doubt, the red, white, and blue palette will dominate the scenes. So, how about the food? Celebrate Independence Day with refreshing drinks, tasty barbeques off the grill along with delicious sides and desserts in the festive blue, red and white colors.

You can use personalized chocolate shapes as return gifts. Guest might not always come with gifts, but that does not mean they cannot leave without some delicious holiday treats.

  1. Refreshing Sides: As mentioned earlier, summer fruits thrive this time of year, and a few fresh ingredients can go a long way. How about an iced lemon tea with fresh mint leaves, or a tangy blackberry cocktail with crushed ice, lemon, cucumber and mint?

  2. The Roast: Do not let your menu resemble a Sunday pot roast. You can have different dishes like bacon smoked barbequed eggs, or grilled steak with a lemon and rosemary infused butter. Or how about going in for sticky lamb ribs? Use different ingredients to flavor your meat such as pesto, cilantro or fennel. Have finger food like potato fries, corn, chips and fresh coleslaw to go with everything. Also, do not be afraid to pair fruits with your meat. Oranges and poultry make a winning combination for the summer.


  3. The Sweet Tooth: Feel free to add multiple desserts to you menu, it will be sought after until the fireworks die. A combination of blueberry, raspberry and vanilla custard cream has all the festive colors. You could also have berry infused popsicles. A pie is also a great idea. Another great idea are chocolate shapes. Rich personalized Belgium chocolate stars wrapped in foils of silver, red and blue, is just picture perfect.

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