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Chocolate Gelt

The giving of Hanukkah gelt is a tradition that dates back to the giving of money for Hanukkah in the seventeenth century. Rabbis often gave gelt to visitors as a blessing for success. Chocolate gelt gained popularity a century ago and remains an important part of modern Hanukkah celebrations. Although gelt is traditionally a delight for children, adults and children of all ages enjoy our delectable chocolate coins.

Chocolate gelt can be attached to Hanukkah gifts on the outside of the package or tucked inside. The chocolate coins are often used as prizes for children during dreidel games at Hanukkah celebrations. Bags filled with delicious chocolate coins are perfect as party favors. Chocolate favors are always appreciated by family, friends, guests and children.

We have Hanukkah coins in six assorted designs in blue and silver foil wrappings. The embossed designs on the wrappings and chocolate include a dreidel, Star of David, menorah and more. In addition to chocolate gelt in Hanukkah themes, we also have chocolate money coins in gold dollars, silver coins and pennies. If you prefer, personalized coins are available in assorted colors to commemorate your celebration.

Our milk chocolate coins are made with the finest quality imported 100% Brazilian chocolate for the best flavor. We use the highest quality ingredients for flavor that rivals famous chocolatiers. Chocolate gelt, all chocolate coins and many other items in our catalog are UO-D certified Kosher to fit any holiday celebration. You will love the quality of our chocolate, quick service and our competitive prices.