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Chocolate Gelt

Chocolate gelt is popular at Hanukkah and throughout the year. The tradition of giving children Hanukkah gelt dates to the seventeenth century, when money was given to children. The tradition has been adapted to include chocolate coins used in games, as party favors and given to children as a treat. At Chocolate Favor Store, we have delicious chocolate gelt made with 100% Belgian chocolate.

We have chocolate gelt in a wide variety of packaging. Whether you are looking for chocolate coins in bulk for a party or packaged gelt for gifts or party favors. Our chocolate coins are packaged in flip top boxes, mesh bags, themed boxes, velvet coin bags, coin tubes, and presentation boxes.

Our chocolate coins can be customized for any holiday, event or occasion. We have a wide variety of designs, including Hanukkah images for chocolate gelt. If you are looking for chocolate gelt for Hanukkah, we have eight designs available in our custom coins. Use the customizer to choose the design, text and even the color of the wrapper. You can choose two designs for the two sides of the coin or use a custom image, logo or message on your coins.

Browse our website to find chocolate gelt in custom designs and chocolate coins packaged as party favors or gifts. Our online ordering system allows you to select the chocolate products and complete your order for customization entirely online. We process and ship your order quickly, so you will have your chocolate gelt in time for your party or special occasion.