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Chocolates- The perfect gift for your party’s guests in Memorial Day

The last Monday in the month of May holds a special significance for all Americans. This is the day when a grateful nation remembers its martyrs. The brave soldiers who laid down their lives for the cause of preserving our country’s integrity and safety are honored by us. As you all must know, the tradition of observing Memorial’s Day began as Decoration Day to honor the soldiers who lost their lives during the Civil War. Later on, it expanded to include all the wars and battle that the soldiers of the USA have ever fought in. All military personnel who died in action are remembered and their bravery appreciated in programs that are held in churches, cemeteries and public meetings.

Though ceremonies are held at places where the war heroes are interred, the day has also come to be associated with activities that are not of somber nature. The holiday also marks the start of summer and in keeping with the ‘never say die’ spirit of life, families use the extended weekend for organizing or attending parties, picnics, barbeques, etc.

If you are planning to go to such a get-together, you must be wondering what sort of gift you should take along for your host/hostess. We would suggest chocolates. These are the most loved and ever popular gifts. Give them in any shape, size or design; they are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Chocolates are the universally accepted symbols of love and communicate the warmth of feelings of the giver towards the receiver, chocolate stars, for example are great for these occasions. So, even for a Memorial Day occasion, whether it is a big party or an intimate gathering, chocolates remain the most happily accepted gifts. If you wish your gift to express your love for a family friend or relative who is no more with you, having given up his/her life in the service of the nation, you can get personalized chocolate coins. The custom chocolate bars that you are ordering can be embossed with your special message, including the name, title or any particular details about the war hero, if you wish. I am sure all those who are present on the occasion will appreciate your gesture.

Go on, make the Memorial Day party extra special for your party host and hostess. Bring them some gourmet chocolates from our Choco Favors store!